Garage Floors Choices – Options Abound

A garage is so many things to so many people: a workshop to explore your creativity, a warm shelter for your vehicles, a home for those objects that have no other place to be stored, and any other purpose that one can think of. The garage is probably the most unappreciated room in the house for the amount of functions it fulfills. Many people dismiss garages and treat them harshly, neglecting to keep up their appearances. But a new garage floor can show the hardest working room in the house that you care, and can change your point of view on the garage forever.

Painting the garage floor is your least expensive option, but also the least durable one. It’s more of a quick fix, though it can look nice if you take your time and use a sealant on the floor first. A quality epoxy paint will provide the most durable and attractive floor possible for paint. But there is only a small amount of abuse a painted floor can take before it begins to peel and chip and look haggard.

Using tile is another option, and many great garage floors use different colored tiles in a checkerboard or other pattern to really turn a garage floor into a work of art. A nice car, sitting on a color-coordinated checkerboard pattern, looks fantastic. Unfortunately, though the tiles themselves are durable, they can become loose and shift around, slowly turning that nice looking floor into a hideous wreck, unless it is constantly maintained.

The final option is a specialized garage floor system. These systems, like Floorguard, use a layering process, applying a bond coat, a custom media (like stone composite), and a seal coat, to a properly prepared concrete floor. The system combines the cohesive nature of paint with the durability of tile, without their individual drawbacks. Custom patterns can be designed, and there are a many different m

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